Custom Stamp made with Silhouette Mint

Custom Stamp made with Silhouette Mint

Hello Scrapbooks by Design Fans!

I have something different to share with you all today. I received a Silhouette toy from Santa and I have to tell you that it is a neat little gadget. My latest project is a custom designed stamp made with the help of my brand new Silhouette Mint. If you are unfamiliar with Silhouette America’s growing line of crafting products, the Mint is a custom stamp maker that was released in Fall 2015.

Truthfully, I’m not much of a stamp person. I like looking at stamps and I have a very small Lawn Fawn stash but I am by no means a stamp fanatic. That being said, the Silhouette Mint may just be the thing that turns me into a custom stamp hoarder!

Making my first custom stamp was pretty easy. I like a lot of the included designs but I really wanted to try my hand at designing my own stamp. Although the Mint has it’s own stand alone software, Silhouette Studio users will find some of the design features to be similar. If you have experience with SS, then designing your own stamp is straightforward, especially if you are comfortable with using the align, scale, offset and weld tools.

Here is my first custom designed stamp created with the Mint Software. I really like the curved text tool that allows you to easily manipulate the text in various ways.

Design your own stamp with Silhouette Mint

Using Silhouette Mint Curved Text Tool

Loading the material and printing the stamp is simple and easy.

Silhouette Mint First Stamp Project

Once you have printed and mounted your new stamp, it is ready to be inked. The custom Mint stamps are not inked with a traditional pad. You need to use the Mint ink to colour your stamps. The ink is absorbed in the the thermal stamp material and as a result you can use your stamp about 50 times before it needs to be re-inked.

The first couple of stamps will be blotchy but after about 10 or so stamps you will notice the impression becomes quite crisp.

Custom Stamp Made with Silhouette Mint

Custom Designed Stamp Silhouette Mint Project

I think I’m infatuated with the Silhouette Mint. The concept of making your own stamps is pretty cool. I can see how this machine would be a handy thing for small businesses. You can create stamps for hang tags, thank you notes, labels, mailing…and so much more.

Custom Stamp made with Silhouette Mint

Do you have a Silhouette Mint? What do you think of it? Do you enjoy the creative freedom of making your own stamps? Let us know your thoughts!

Until next time…happy crafting!